Monday, March 23, 2009

More Octo-Insanity

Here's another spot about Nadya Suleman that just leaves you scratching your head on so many levels.

Despite having gone on every talk show in the nation, hiring 3 publicists and soliciting donations on-line with a web site, she expresses shock at the paparazzi feeding frenzy at her house when she brought the first 2 octuplets home.

She says she keeps trying to convince herself that it will all die down soon, and that she and her family will get to have the privacy they desire. She desires privacy and she's going on Dr. Phil, the Today Show and every other venue she can drag her post-partum ass on? That sounds like a media whore to me, not someone seeking privacy!

She also admits in this spot that had she not gotten financial assistance from Dr. Phil, et al., she would have been "forced" to go on government assistance. One of the correspondents in this clip asks, "who FORCED her to have all these babies?" She's just realizing NOW that she wouldn't be able to afford 8 more babies?

Ugh. It gives me a headache.

As an aside...there's something funny in this clip. Check out the correspondant, Tamika Ray checking herself out before she realizes the camera is on her. It's at the 53 second mark.

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