Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Childfree Celebrity Spotlight - George Clooney

Everyone knows that George Clooney is Hollywood's most eligible bachelor and has to date been successful in remaining in his bachelor state, but did you also know he is resolutely childfree? Here are some quotes from Clooney on being childfree:

"Even one kid running around my villa makes me nervous, so I'm definitely not a candidate for father of the year. If I need to surround myself with children and feel like I have this big extended family, I can always call Brad and Angie and ask them to stay with me, just to remind myself why I'm so happy."

"I could not do what Brad and Angelina are doing. I would not have the patience or dedication you need to take care of a family. I admire those qualities in other people but it is not for me...I am doing exactly what I want to. I hang out with the same friends, I spend time in Italy, and then I go back to work. I try not to worry about anything else.”

“People keep on asking me, ‘Don’t you want to have kids?’ I have not wanted to have kids. Then they say, ‘Aren’t you afraid of dying alone?’ But we all die alone. I remember Uncle George sitting in bed, 68 years old. He looked at me and said, ‘What a waste.’ … I came to the conclusion that I was not going to wake up one day in my 60s and say, ‘What a waste.’ I was going to grab as much out of this life as I could.”

According to one interview a few years ago, Clooney stated that actresses Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman were so sure he'd be a dad someday, they bet money on it.

"They each bet $10,000 that I’d be a dad before I was 40. But I sent both of them back their cheques and said, ‘Let’s go double or nothing until I’m 50.’ So I’ll have to be careful with the ladies for the next six years. No wedding or kids."

Careful is right, George. Better make sure the condoms are strapped on real tight. I can only imagine the hordes of women who are beating his door down to make him a baby daddy.

Want to see what other celebrities are childfree by choice? Check out my list and be sure to let me know if you learn of others so I can be sure to add them!


Gumby said...

I always did like George! :)

pamelli said...

Gorgeous, smart, rich and childfree...
Can it get any better than THAT! lol

TDC said...

We need to hear more from celebs like George. He states his position on not having children without fear and simply treats it as it is - a choice.

Another favorite of mine was Katherine Hepburn. Whenever she was asked about why she wasn't a mom, she didn't feel the need to justify her choice to anyone and she never sounded defensive about that. It was her decision and she didn't care who judged and who didn't.