Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Seeing Red

If you watched the video in my previous post, you heard Dr. Jamie Grifo state that "you cannot legislate the practice of medicine", i.e. you cannot force doctors to limit the number of embryos they implant in a woman. Although most doctors follow the guidelines recommended - limiting the embroys implanted to one or two - he states that there are no laws limiting them if they choose to implant more. In other words, these doctors who implant 8 embryos in one woman are free to run wild and do as they wish, because "we do not want to infringe on a woman's reproductive rights".

And yet at the same time, many women and men who do not wish to have children are turned away by doctors who refuse to sterilize them because they have not already had children. What about these individuals' reproductive rights? Why is nobody concerned about their reproductive wishes being granted? Why is it that when a person chooses not to have children, her wishes are ignored because it is assumed she must not know her mind, yet the wishes of a woman who is clearly an insane, selfish narcissist - who has 6 children already and wants to add 8 more to the brood when she is single and lives alone with her parents who are going bankrupt - are granted with no questions asked?!! Nobody is questioning her wishes or doubting whether she knows her mind. This is what truly burns me up and makes me see red!

As if this is not all enough, one of the doctors interviewed on the video stated that the health care for these 8 babies will run into the MILLIONS of dollars and guess who will have to pay for it? Us! These women and doctors can do whatever they please with impunity and we just have to deal with it and foot the bill! Nobody questions a woman who wants to be implanted with 8 embryos about the fact that she has 6 kids already. Nobody questions her about whether she has the financial means to pay for their medical care. Nobody questions the negative impact on the health of the woman or the children. Nobody questions her about how she will possibly be able to care for and financially support 14 children. None of this is a concern to anyone because "we cannot legislate medicine". Are you fucking kidding me?

This case illustrates more clearly than anything, the rampant pronatalism that is has our society in a death grip. It is disgraceful and beyond all reason and comprehension. Breeding is encouraged for everyone, under all circumstances and without question because babies are "miracles" and the more miracles we can create, the better off we all are, even if this flies in the face of reality, as in this situation. It is as though our entire society is a culture of catatonic, unthinking Stepford Wives.

The doctors who implanted those 8 embryos should be thrown in prison, as should the mom. In fact, put them all in the same jail cell together and make it a really small jail cell so they can experience the same overcrowding that those 14 children will feel when they are jammed into that tiny bungalow like a bunch of sardines. And turn the 14 children over to adoptive parents who are responsible and have the financial and psychological means to raise them properly.


Mia said...

Here, Here!!! That's what I was thinking!

Gumby said...

"you cannot legislate the practice of medicine"


I'm sorry, correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we already do that by requiring people get medical treatment in ERs regardless of their insurance status, requiring drug companies to share the exhaustive lists of possible side effects of the drugs they manufacture, by requiring doctors to take an oath and be ethical or risk a lawsuit and possible revocation of their license to practice medicine, etc.?

I don't get it. By transferring 8 embryos (they don't actually get implanted) into that woman the doctor was not only dooming people to greater insurance premiums to offset the massive costs resulting from such a high risk pregnancy but was in the most literal sense endangering that woman's life (not that I care too much about that in this case - yeah I'm a bitch), which I would think by definition goes AGAINST the oath and duty to do what is best for the patient to preserve and protect her life!

WAAAAAYYYYYY back in the early days of IVF (in the 70's and 80's) it was considered a necessity to transfer a large number of embryos because the success rates were so incredibly low. Fast forward to today, where there have been many advances in medicine and now the success rates are much higher and it's agreed in the reproductive medicine field that it is no longer necessary and downright dangerous to transfer more than a couple/few depending on the woman's age - well, reputable docs do anyway!

Again, it needs to be a requirement that these docs follow the guidelines of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine or lose their license to practice. This insanity must STOP!

Steph said...

I must agree. ALL aspects of women's reproductive rights need to be allowed if they won't regulate certain areas.
However I don't think they would make more strict guidelines for infertility treatment until it is covered by insurance, which it is not in most places(in the U.S. anyway). if the insurance companies are not covering it, they also don't care enough to institute regulations. As of now, infertility treatment is in the same category as a boob job for most insurance policies and they don't regulate those either.
I am not saying I think fertility treatment should be covered, just that until it universally is, it will always be on the fringe. And I am sure the REs want to keep it that way so they can continue with the big price tags.
Tubal ligations don't make the medical industry any money.

firefly said...

Excellent rant. I agree wholeheartedly.

And to the doctor who said, "You can't legislate medicine" --

You know that is not true. Malpractice, which is strictly defined as when a physician or healthcare provider deviates from the accepted standard of care, has occurred.

The only thing keeping this out of the courts is that so far mother and babies managed to get through it without harm. You can bet the dollar signs would be rolling in her eyes if something had gone wrong, and I'm sure one of her claims would be "the doctor shouldn't have implanted so many embryos".

The fact that doctors are now doing the cover-your-ass dance doesn't really surprise me here.

What bothers me is all the so-called "feminist" reaction saying "this woman wanted this many babies, and that's that."

I am a feminist and an environmentalist, and it is most definitely NOT all right with me.

Over a certain number of children, families should be made to purchase carbon offsets for all the landfill waste, broken toys, and extra consumption.

That doesn't interfere with their "reproductive rights" but you can bet condom sales would go up in a hurry if people knew they had to pay for their children's carbon footprint.

eyp said...

Hey I just had to post this. I was watching that TV show "Charmed" and one of the sisters, who is some kind of talk show hostess I think, is rushed to go to work. Her pregnant sister goes, "Before you leave, just check the new nursery out." The talk-show-host sister is rushed, saying that she really needs to get to work, and the pregnant sister responds, "Uhm, I know your job is important to you and all, but guess what? I'm having a baby."


pamelli said...

Perfect , Patricia!
That's just what I think.
I was totally disgusted with this piece of news and also wrote an indignant post about it on my blog.
( Only it's in Portuguese:-)

Gumby said...

"Uhm, I know your job is important to you and all, but guess what? I'm having a baby."


"Art" imitates life. Don't you just love it?


CFVixen said...

Amen, sister!!

Sea_creature said...

Hi there! Just found this blog and I'm so glad I did. Ahhh...another refreshing, SMART childfree person. I shall be reading more...

marin said...

I'm so happy you write this blog, you really give a voice to all of us, thank you.

Few months ago I told my gynecologist I wanted some information about sterilization, as you can imagine I was answered I'm still young (when am I supposed to be fixed, when I'll be too old to need it?) so WE have to go on with hormonal therapy. I insisted and he told me that anyway it's illegal, you must give birth almost once first.

But here in Japan you can give birth, change your mind, leave the baby in a special stork's claim-boxe and simply walk away. THIS IS totally anonymous and legal.

Does it means I should give birth, dump the newborn and then I'd have some chances to get fixed?

It's simply crazy.

Gumby said...

You should tell that to your doctor.
Say, "OK, I guess we have 2 options. Either you sterilize me now like I am telling you I want. OR I will do as you say and have one baby, which I will dump at the drop off site (or maybe just toss in a dumpster - whichever is more convenient) and then come back to you for my sterilization. Take your pick!"

Maybe THAT will get you your procedure.


gurly said...

I'm glad that you have this topic in your blog, you really give us voice and thank you for that very informative blog..


Childfreeeee said...

Just want to thank everyone for all the insightful comments and also welcome the new readers to the blog.

Sounds like I am not the only one who is outraged by this whole situation.

I am sure we haven't heard the last on this topic.

eyp said...

I think you'll find this article very interesting:

marin said...


thanks for the advice.

The sad reality is that in this society I have the right to have as many abortions I please or give birth and leave somewhere the babyborn but I don't have the right to decide I don't want any pregnancy for the rest of my life.

CF-PC Me! said...

I have recentl been attempting to find someone who will give me that new essure procedure, and I finally did! BUT... I have to wait until I'm twenty one.

Now, call me crazy, but there is no age when you can start having children. Any 16 year old or even 13 year old can go off and have as many babies as they want, but I have to wait until I'm 21 to get my tubes tied! Now, I recognize that getting your tubes tied at any age is difficult, but it's the principle here.

I'm am a responsible adult that can make decisions for myself, and have never waivered from said decisions. The reason they won't tie women's tubes, especially young women such as myself is because they are afraid of getting sued if the woman changes her mind. I know 100% for a fact that the only time I would ever raise the slightest bit of hell, would be if they botched it and I got pregnant. I would be beyond pissed.

But yeah, it is ridiculously sickening that the reproductive right detailed her is nothing but motherhood. It's obvious that there is no other reproductive right, just breeding. It's as alarming as it is disgusting.

Unknown said...

Hi! I love your blog! And I completely agree with everything in this post! I'm glad someone said it.

I've wanted to be sterilized since I was 10 (for a lot of reasons - extreme tokophobia, the fact that I don't like kids, I want to focus on my career, and many more). I'm 21 now, and every doctor has sanctimoniously refused, saying I'll change my mind and pretending that they know me better than I know myself. I don't know how I can trust a doctor who doesn't take me seriously. Also, the hormonal birth controls have all made me extremely depressed. I don't understand why my livelihood is being ignored just so that my doctors can have hope that I'll poop out a pwecious widdle baybeeee someday. I'm pretty desperate to get sterilized. No one seems to totally respect this choice I've made for myself, except for my boyfriend who also doesn't want children.

Anyway, Devin ND, I saw your comment and I know this is really pathetic, but do you think you can refer me to this doctor, or give me their email so they can refer me to someone else?

CF-PC Me! said...

@ Kate Price sure! Im so sorry I didnt see your email. School has been nuts! The doctor is in Columbus OH and her name is Kelly Hoskins Tyler and she works at Midtown Obstetrics and Gynecology Inc. Im in the process of dealing with insurance stuff, but sooner or later Ill definitely be getting babyproofed! WOOP WOOP!

CF-PC Me! said...

@ Kate Price sure! Im so sorry I didnt see your email. School has been nuts! The doctor is in Columbus OH and her name is Kelly Hoskins Tyler and she works at Midtown Obstetrics and Gynecology Inc. Im in the process of dealing with insurance stuff, but sooner or later Ill definitely be getting babyproofed! WOOP WOOP!