Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Too Good not to Share

Capitalizing on the spirit of generosity that has moved so many people to donate their hard-earned money in support prolific breeding, my new hero Big Red has created a web site for his own self-cloning and is accepting donations.

Way to go Big Red! ! !


marin said...

Today as many, many, many times before, I had to answer the "When are you going to have a baby?" question. I usually give this standard answer : "I'm not planning to have a baby." and I always have the but-but-but reaction. I give you an example:

I: But don't you want a family?

M: I already have a family, anyway I'm planning to add some pets.

I: But babies are cuter than pets!

M: I think it's not a valid reason anyone should have a baby for.

I: But it's biological, at a certain age everyone wants a baby.

M: People are not all the same.

And so on. It' s endless, the interlocutor simply can not accept my first answer an will go on till he realize he's becoming importune or just get tired.

Next time I'll try with: "Never liked surprises, I'll have my own self-clone instead. Wanna make a donation?"

Gumby said...

Since when are babies cuter than animals?

Next time someone tries to say that babies are cuter you should just reply "Well, that's subjective."

The idiot probably won't even know how to respond! Ha ha :)

marin said...

Gumby, believe it or not, a minute before the same person said:

"Walking my dog keeps me in good health. I love him so much! He's even cuter than my grandchild, who lives in another town and I barely see once a year."