Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Plot Thickens

As if this all is not obcene enough already, the mother of the octuplets is SINGLE and lives with her PARENTS with all the kids!

Octuplets' Mom Obsessed with Having Kids


fbritt said...
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fbritt said...

I am more horrified and angered by this story the more I learn about it. I am pleased (and surprised!) that the media is not having its typical knee-jerk oohing and aahing over the miiiiiracle of birth. It's important that the ethical issues are being raised and the implications for the environment, the health care and health insurance system, entitlement programs/taxes . . . not to mention the consequences for ALL of her kids. Her children will undoubtedly suffer some degree of neglect because it is impossible to care for that many children. Even if she were able to financially support them (which it seems that she can't), she would not be able to give them what they need in terms of time, attention and nurturing. GRRRR!!!!