Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Regret Having Kids

Thank you to Facebook friend, Brian, for sending me a link to this humorous article called, The Story About the Baby, Epilogue. We can add it to our list of article by parents who regret having kids.  This article had me laughing out loud.

Because articles and internet posts written by parents who regret having kids (or simply hate being parents) are coming out at such a feverish pace, I decided that this blog post will serve as a central clearing house for such articles.  All of my previous blog posts on the subject are listed below with links and I will continue to update this list as I come across more articles.

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Unknown said...

AAAAAAAAA! I love that series.
As a regretful parent myself, I can totally relate to all the sarcasm and bitter humor there.
Here is a good one from 52nd week's article:
"My grandparents did give us an excellent reason to want another child: because the first one might die. Being an only child myself, I can appreciate the harsh but sensible rationale behind this argument. There is a very real and constant pressure that comes from knowing you are your parents’ only shot at posterity.
On the other hand, you really, really can’t tell the second kid that you had it so it could be your redundancy system. But, I figure, why hide it? I’ll name the next two kids “Backup”and “Backup 2” and be done with it."

Thanks for your blog Mandy!
A parent w/o backups.

CFVixen said...


el lapiz said...

Have you ever done a search on Twitter for the hashtag Childfree?

The amount of parents in glee because they have either: a childfree hour, a childfree day, evening or week is intense. What I find sad is that they don't know what to do with themselves...

Christy said...

Yes, I think highly mobile ball of dopeyness sums it up. This did have me loling! Especially the part about OTHER people. So true. What is remarkable about this to me, is that it's really the first time that I have ever heard a parent admit that the chances of greatness for a child are most likely nil, and that parents should really merely hope for normalcy. This attitude needs to be made into a popular mantra and circulated the world over. Bumper stickers, even.

Nanjo said...

Oh, my god. I've been combing the archives and somehow missed this one, but I'm reading the whole "story of the baby" bit, and I am HOWLING with laughter. This is fantastic.

Unknown said...

i wish i could leave

Michelle Glauser said...

Want to add this one?