Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Big Downside to Childfreedom

Idiocracy - Opening Sequence - Watch more funny videos here


DogsNotSprogs said...

Thanks for giving me my big laugh of the day :D

That's some funny shit right there! The thing is, smart people aren't reproducing because they're smart enough to know being a parent will make their lives a living hell.

But at least hopefully we won't be around when it all goes down the tubes. I feel sorry for any kids being brought into this crackhouse we call a planet.

djmist said...

My point exactly. Hilarious! "Get your hand off my junk!"

Gumby said...

It's so dead on it's almost sad... :(

UGH! Hopefully we'll all be dead by the time the trailer trash takes over the world. ;)

Sea_creature said...

Yes, it's a very silly movie that carries a frightening prophecy. I find it incredibly depressing that we actually have the potential to devolve in such a way.