Thursday, July 16, 2009

World's Oldest Mom Dies

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The world's oldest new mother - a single woman who gave birth at age 66 - has died at age 69, leaving her 2 year old twins orphaned.

This situation is a vivid example of pronatalism gone awry and illustrates the need for controls to be put on the relentless, unreasonable pursuit of parenthood at all costs. In this case, the cost is being incurred by two innocent children who are left orphaned, all because this woman had a selfish desire to become a mom long after it was reasonable for her to do so.


X said...

Yet another example of irresponsible pronatalism:

72-year-old woman desperate for baby

Like the woman who just died, this woman is sure she will live to be 100. The 'younger friend' best be ready to assume responsibility for any children that may result, because any pregnancy that may result might very well be extremely hazardous to her life.

And they say the childfree are selfish.

djmist said...

Some people may argue that the taxpayer also suffers because these children will need more government services than those children whose parents birthed them during traditional childbearing years. They may need assistance well into adulthood as well.

Amy Guskin said...

This had tragedy written all over it from the moment she became a news story three years ago. Probably most of us are saying "I told you so" today...

CFVixen said...

UGH!!! The clip said she lied about her age so that they would give her IVF. Umm...can't you tell by looking at her face that she's well over normal childbirthing age?

Gumby said...

CFVixen - "can't you tell by looking at her face that she's well over normal childbirthing age?"

That was my thought exactly! Hellllloooooooo

She looks like my f*cking grandma!