Monday, May 25, 2009

Hubby Sets the Hotel Straight

My hubby (on his own initiative) sent the hotel where we had the breakfast I wrote about this e-mail:


My wife and I were patrons of your breakfast buffet yesterday morning (5/23) at around 9:00 am. The food and waitstaff service were excellent, but I felt you should know about a service issue with the hostess.

I didn't notice her name (a blond woman, appx. late 20's), but when we arrived and were guided to our table by the hostess, we noticed that it was adjacent to a table with screaming children. We requested that we be seated away from this table, and even though the dining room had not yet begun to fill, she immediately balked at the request, and began what seemed to be an improvised version of 'house procedure' regarding how this would inconvenience the waitstaff, how we don't 'do that', etc. Eventually we were seated, with reluctance away from the disturbance, which was continual and filled the room.

I understand that, in a large dining room, servers have their own 'sections', but I think that a hotel with the reputation of your hotel would be more considerate of its patrons (and potential guests), and I would also submit that, even though the proximity to the amusement park demands that the restaurant be 'family-friendly', the experience of elegance that the hotel tries so hard to provide is ruined by a reluctance to enforce basic consideration among the patrons with young children, or provide a separate dining room for couples. I know this is a delicate issue for management, but during our meal I also noticed children writhing on windowsills, running between tables, etc. My initial impression of the hotel's grandeur is dampened, knowing the experience for civilized adults apparently doesn't differ from that of IHOP or Chuck E. Cheese.

Thank you for your consideration in this.


Julia said...

Go hubby! I hope you get a grovelling apology at the very least.

Gumby said...

That is AWESOME!

Go Mr. Childfreee!!!!

I'm so sick of these lazy-ass parents not being called out for their inconsiderate behaviour and lack of discipline of their kids!

If the kids thing would have worked out for hubby and me, you can bet your ASS our kids would NOT have been allowed to behave like this AND, as a commenter mentioned on the last post, if they didn't like what the buffet had to offer - TOO BAD! Eat it or go hungry until lunch - and then if you don't like that either, looks like you're not eating until dinner!

WTF is wrong with people these days?!

charlie said...

Oh man... I hope you post their response, if you get one :)

CFVixen said...

Great letter! Please post any response you receive!

firefly said...

Go hubby!

I just hope they don't send you a gift certificate for another meal.

If they do, and you take advantage of it, I hope hubby brings his drum kit ;-)

pamelli said...

Excellent! Excellent!
Have him come over here again and write some more on your blog. You both are a great team!! lol