Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear Moms

In the event there are any moms reading my blog (I know, probably a longshot, but you never know), I have an important message for you today.

Dear Moms,

An important election is coming this November. All I ask of you is that when you cast your vote for President and Vice President that you make your choice based on issues and on which candidates will move our country in a positive direction, not on whether a candidate looks like you, drives the same mini-van as you, is a soccer mom like you , reminds you of someone you've met at the church bake sale or someone you'd like to hang out with, or has a vagina like you.

We women have to demonstrate that we are much smarter than we are being given credit for and that we are not gullible. We know what a feminist is and we can see through a politician who masquerades as one. We know which politicians will work for the advancement of women and protect our rights. We take offense at the idea that all women are the same and one is easily substituted for another - that any woman will do. We look forward to the day when a woman will occupy the highest offices in our government, but we realize the cost to all women if we put someone in office who will amount to a female verson of W.

Sorry to be up on my political horse today but some pleas just have to be made.




Stepher said...


Palin seriously frightens me. She seems determined to overthrow Roe v. Wade and IMHO, that's just wrong. There are so many other issues as well.

Just b/c she has a vagina she is NOT Hillary. I think the R's must believe women are dumb and will vote for them just b/c of Palin.

Just my two cents...

Fanboy Wife said...

I remember hearing the women I work with talk about the election in 2008, and it was very upsetting. One week they were berating Clinton, and then the next week they were praising Palin. One woman said, "She's a mom, so I know she'd be a good vice president because she raised her children." When I pointed out that Biden had children, and he raised them by himself when his wife died, I was totally dismissed.