Thursday, May 31, 2012

10 Great Neighborhoods for the Childfree

I saw an interesting article today on MSN Real Estate highlighting 10 neighborhoods where being childless or childfree is the norm.

Check it out.


Temujin said...

Read the incredibly bizarre comments about the article.

Apparently, if you are choosing not to have children, you are a young white hipster. A few commenters said that not having children was "just something white people do," so a childfree neighborhood would be an all-white neighborhood. Sounds like a pretty racist statement to me -- people of color would never choose not to have children? What?

There must be people out there set up to find any new online reference to being childless or childfree and write a message saying how great it is to be a parent. Quite odd.

CFVixen said...

Sigh! As much as I like visiting different areas like the ones listed, I am just not a "city girl." I can handle the suburbs (because I can have grass/trees), but the 'burbs are obviously the areas that people with kids inhabit most. I'd love to live further out in the country, but it's just not worth the commute. So kid-laden suburbs is pretty much what I'm stuck with. I did see one place on the list that wasn't all concrete infested, so that's a plus.

Ridoy said...

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jojobean said...

There was way too much childfree bashing in the comments. Apparently its not ok to make a CHOICE in your life and stick to it. With that said, I appreciate and respect the writers attempt at writing this article (even though it got based by all the parents)

Sharonkay said...

Hi. I am a woman of color (african-american) who doesn't have kids or want them. I am also over 40. I wish that I could afford to live in some of these neighborhoods. From looking at the pictures, some of these neighborhoods have a lot more character than those ugly suburban subdivisions with the cookie-cutter McMansions. There are many women of color who are childfree. We are an invisible minority. I would love to live in a neighborhood filled with art galleries, boutiques, nice restaurants, and other places that are within walking distance.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Interesting article!

Casie Fedukovich said...

I just moved from Knoxville, and I'm not sure I totally agree with its placement on the list. Of course, I lived about 4 miles from downtown. The first question my neighbors asked me was, "When are you going to fill that house with youngins?" Ugh.

But it does have a nice mix of urban-ish and super rural. It's not by any stretch a "city."

The Righting Indian said...

We are a married Indian couple & would absolutely LOVE to live in a neighborhood that is child free. Kids are great as long as they're not living next doors (or worse, in the apartment upstairs).

What turns us off even more than noisy, attention seeking children is insensitive parents who think that their children should be allowed to get away with making a racket even if it's really bothering others.

This was one of the first results that came up when I typed in "chid free neighborhoods" on google.

Off to check out the link!