Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CHILDFREE & Living the Good Life

In celebration of the JOY that is the childfree lifestyle, I would like to add a special scrapbook page to my blog called, "Childfree and Living the Good Life!"

On this page, I will be displaying photos of childfree folks living their life to the fullest - think of it as a scrap book for the childfree.  A picture speaks a thousand words and I would like to show the world - in pictures - what the childfree life is really about - i.e. embracing life and enjoying it to its fullest!

Would you like to contribute a photograph to the scrapbook?  It can be a photo of you (and/or you and friends, partner, family, etc.) doing whatever brings you joy and illustrates how COOL it is to be childfree. 

I'll start!

Please email your photos to me at firecracker_mandy(at)  If you'd like a caption with your photo, send it along in the email.  You can opt to display your name or not - it's okay to be anonymous if you prefer, or just use your intials or screen name.


Lisa said...

I love this! I don't have many childfree roll models in real life - so I'm excited to be inspired and reassured by other kid-free people out living life to the fullest!!

Patee333 said...

This a fantastic idea! I have tons of photos like this.
But then again, I also have a ton of photos of childfree moments ruined by other people's children! LOL

I was recently proposed to, in front of all my friends at my own bday party. The proposal was caught on videotape. The party was suppose to be adults only but a couple couldn't find a sitter for their youngest so I told them it was ok to bring him. Well, in the proposal video, you can clearly hear the baby crying and crying in the background because of all the yelling and congratulations and celebratory commotion because of the proposal. I'm just glad that the video was able to edit out most of the crying. *sigh*

Another incident occurred while I was on vacation in Cancun earlier this year. My fiancee and I were lounging around in the sun in hammocks that have been strung up in a nest of trees. There were probably two dozen of these hammocks. We were peacefully relaxing and enjoying the time when all of a sudden, a big group of relatives showed up with their kids and babies. They all decided that they also needed to rest and all started climbing on the hammocks, screaming and crying and making a rukus with their kids. Well, that obviously ended our peaceful afternoon.

lauracarroll said...

Awesome idea! Where are you in that picture??

Violet said...

oooh- great idea. i will take some photos to send on to you!

Spectra said...

Great idea! I have a couple of good ones that always make my friends jealous!

Kristine said...


Believe said...

I love your blog! I like how despite being repetitive sometimes about what parenthood entails, you somehow bring a fresh perspective to each post. Also, the repetitiveness is actually a good thing as it truly emphasizes the monotony of raising children.

starwarsgirl1023 said...

Love this idea! I sent you 2 photos Mandy. If they need to be re-sized, let me know, or if you just want to go ahead and re-size them so they fit on the page better, that's fine too.

Child-free for life!


Sea_creature said...

Awe! I love how the scrapbook is coming along! We all look so happy a fulfilled. Hehehe!

A Bell Through The Night said...

I love this! Especially since most parents like to sit there and ask us what we do with our time seeing as we don't have kids ruining our lives. This is just one of many examples of how we live our lives to the fullest instead of investing all of our time and energy into someone else.