Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Mom Says: It's Okay to NOT Have Children

Finally, a mother who tells gives parenthood an honest appraisal and tells the childfree straight-out that it's okay to NOT have children. She ends her article with:

"I'm here as a new parent to stand up for all those nonparents out there -- the ones who haven't yet made up their minds about kids and the ones who definitely have -- and proclaim that there is nothing wrong with not having children. I did it for more than three decades and led what I'd consider a pretty rich and fulfilling life, filled with learning, love, travel, adventure, laughter ... and other people's children.

You're not being selfish. Your life won't be empty. And you're certainly not destined for a sad, lonely end. People can find richness in their lives in ways that don't include progeny."

Read the whole article. It's a good read. (Thanks Angela for sharing the link on Facebook).


Anonymous said...

Great read, thank you for sharing!

Spectra said...

That was a great article and it's refreshing to hear a mom say it's OK to not have kids. Being a mother is tough and not everyone is cut out for it or even WANTS to do it. Childbirth, like she said, is not glamourous and it's PAINFUL. Bravo to the author for realizing that there are different strokes for different folks :)

The Traveling Katt said...

I would hit the like button for this article. As Spectra said, "not everyone is cut out for it or even WANTS to do it."
"WANT." People have different desires in life. Not everyone chooses to take the traditional mommy track with 2.5 kids and a house in the burbs nor do they consider this life to be a successful one.
Different strokes for different folks indeed.

Cathy said...

This was an excellent article! I liked it so much I linked the actual article to my facebook page. Not one "like" or comment from anyone. Typical.