Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mommy Thumb

Thank you to Hilary for alerting me to the fact that childfree folks are fortunate to avoid yet another malady - MOMMY THUMB. Add this to my Thanksgiving Thankfulness list.


Christy said...

Haha! When I saw this, I thought it was a joke! Apparently, they get it from lifting overweight children and then posting about it online?

Isn't that the biggest complaint about the mothers who have the toughest job in the world? If it's so tough and so time-consuming, then how come you still find so much time to spend all day complaining about it on facebook!

I have a friend who has gained 50 pounds post-birth, and she complains about the heaviness of her infant, but I saw her, when she weighed 50 less, pick up both of my nephews for a combined weight of 100 pounds, and carry them through the house.

Amy Guskin said...

Unfortunately, you can still get this condition (De Quervain's tenosynovitis) even if you are childfree by choice! It's also know as "washerwoman's wrist," and if you're prone to repetitive motion disorders, you can get it whether or not you have kids. I've got it (I'm on the computer 23 hours a day, plus have some underlying arm injuries), and I'm actually scheduled for surgery next Friday! Wish me luck, childfree cohorts! At least I have a husband who can take care of *me* after the surgery, because we don't have a houseful of tiny humans to serve. :-)

K said...

Mommy Thumb is just a cute new name for De Quervain's, actually.

*raises hand* De Quervain's sufferer right here actually. And it pisses me off that they're making it sound like this is something new/limited to parents. Any number of things can cause it and a big part of the problem may be the increased usage of texting, computers, and the like (my mom didn't develop De Quervain's until I was a teen, when she started spending more and more time at a computer).
I think some of these 'mommies' just want something else to complain about so they get more sympathy and can feel special - like they developed this horrible condition just because they're *gasp* a MOMMY. And calling De Quervain's what it is just doesn't convey that the way 'mommy thumb' does.

^^; And I'm going to leave it at that before I start ranting.

Spectra said...

Ouch! I guess that goes in the "the stuff they never tell you" file as well. Here's another one that I never knew about until recently--hernias. Two of my coworkers that are moms have hernias from childbirth. Getting something like that sounds so painful and gross--ugh, I'm so glad I'm never giving birth to kids!

Krissy said...


Unknown said...

Ouch. *thankful*