Thursday, August 6, 2009

Childfree Couple on Tyra

Check out this clip from the Tyra Banks show. This was an episode which featured a childfree couple. Take note of how HORRIFIED Tyra is when they describe how they were seeking to be sterilized in their 20s. At the end of this clip when Tyra asks about their dogs and asks what the dogs' names are, she comments that "of course they have human names", implying that pets must be a substitute for kids (because, you know, deep down we all want kids).


Insomniac Chef said...

Isn't she like 36 and still without kids herself? Just a few more years and she probably won't be able to have any babies at all so she can STFU. Clearly if babies were so important to her she'd have had one already.

fbritt said...

First of all, Tyra is a moron. While it's great to have CF exposure, her SHOCK at this couples' decision is a disservice to the "cause." WOW, YOU WANTED A VASCETOMY AT 27?!? WOW, YOU WANTED A TUBAL AT 24?!? DID ANY DOCTOR EVEN DO THAT FOR YOU?!? Uch.

Secondly, I always wish they would show the child-loving CF on these shows. This is not b/c I think they're better people, but b/c it's important to break the OLD and narrow stereotype that all CF folks have no interest in kids. I guess that's not a huge deal, but it's easier for people to write this couple off in their minds. I'm sick of the way that loving kids and wanting to be a parent are converged as if this is really the same thing. These are ENTIRELY different things. I think many child lovers mistakenly think if they love kids they'll love parenting (and be good at it). This is only sometimes the case.

Unknown said...

Great clip----did you see the look on some of those faces in the audience? How DARE this married couple not procreate???

I think the CF woman's sister is jealous as hell. She was listing all the things they have, like a great relationship, successful careers, a good life. She thought they they ought to have a baby because they have all these things. The reason they have all those wonderful things is because they DON'T have kids!!! When will wannabreeders get that through their heads?

Every day I thank my lucky stars that I never had kids.

Sara said...

Interesting (and sad) to note, too, is that when the woman's sister was asked how their parents felt, she mentioned that they were disappointed about them not having children, "because that's what people do." That is, to my mind, the biggest reason so many people have children so thoughtlessly, not to mention the most idiotic reasoning ever.

What really aggravates me is that this couple was thoughtful in how they went about making this decision, they obviously talked with each other, responsibly before marriage, and expressed their views on Tyra politely and calmly. Yet Tyra (and I'm sure many of her audience members) found it acceptable to express shock and almost disgust at the decision, even going to far as to make fun of them about having pets with "people" names. (Why that is a point of interest is beyond me, I guess.)

In any case, the couple certainly were a good role model for other CF people, so I hope that was the extent of the derision from Tyra.

Mimi said...

Who cares if these people don't want to have kids?? I have more important things to worry about than whether people choose to reproduce or not. If you don't want them you shouldn't have them!

El Sid said...

"...And they have human names, I'm not surprised at that, either."

Maaaaan, I would have walked out at that point. That couple was amazingly patient. I'm glad, mind; they managed to look like sane, rational people despite the efforts of the people around them to make them look like selfish freaks.

marin said...

"...And they have human names, I'm not surprised at that, either."
I laughed at this!

In Japan after the case of parents who wanted to name their daughter Little Devil, there is a law to stop the trend of baby's grotesque names with a list of ideograms parents can't use, as body parts or animal names like butt or frog.
"Don't give your children odd names, they aren't your pet or the extention of your ego."

I'd like to ask Tyra if she is not surprised at her celeb colleagues' baby names either: Fifi, Homer, Apple, Scout... good inspiration to name a dog after.

Anonymous said...

"And they're not human names..."

I'd like to ask Tyra what else are they supposed to name their dogs? Are Fido and Princess the only acceptable dog names? And if one chooses to give them human names, that is supposed to automatically mean the dogs are substitutes for children? You know, Tyra is nice to look at, but she really needs to shut up!

And I agree that this couple was very patient with their very obnoxious interviewer. When Tyra commented about the dog names I probably would have asked if "Tyra" was a more suitable name for a girl dog. (And then my hubby would have turned red with embarrassment! LOL!)

The sister was certainly hating on them too! Who needs enemies when they have a sister like that?!

CFVixen said...

That clip really made me angry. It's like all shock and awe that there are people out there that could possibly not want children! Oh the humanity!

Did you see "Mama's" disappoving looks? Um, maybe there are people out there who don't want to live their lives through their kids, Mama. Get one of your own!

Schrodinger's Kittens said...

The sister is an idiotic herd-minded conformist. Also, she seems like an attention whore. Her comment about "I'm not married so I can't have kids" doesn't really hold true today. There are plenty of single moms and a growing number are that way by design, for good or bad. And anybody with the cheek to tell you that the way you're using your resources (physical, financial, whatever) is "wrong" because you're not conforming to the herd is someone who can easily be dropped from your life. Even(especially?)if they're a relative.

Christine said...

I am so sick of Tyra, she is SO judgmental. Why should anyone give a flying floop as to why people should or shouldn't have kids?

And the argument over sterilization never ends. My husband was in his late 40's...I am eight years younger...when he got snipped. Yet he still got a ton of crap from his doctor, we had to fight to get a referral for the snip doc. The idiot doc thought that *we'd change our minds*. No way, not gonna happen, and now I've gone through menopause, so getting knocked up now is not an option.

My hubby went under the knife to spare me from doing so...he is a keeper!

Wag the Dog said...

asks what the dogs' names are, she comments that "of course they have human names", implying that pets must be a substitute for kids

And we all know how having a pet perfectly trains us for having a baby.

twiga92 said...

A lot of similarities with this couple to my husband and I. I knew at a young age that I didn't want kids, though I figured I'd probably have them for the sake of my husband. During our engagement we discovered neither of us really wanted kids and decided that we wouldn't have them. I was 25 and he was 30 when we decided to make it a permanent decision and it took my husband several tries to find a doctor who would give him the vasectomy. Why should anyone care? If someone wants a medical procedure, then for pete's sake, it's their decision!

Lady K said...

Tyra has a talk show?

What is the world coming to!?!

flamencokitty said...

I have to admit that I found Tyra's reactions rather funny, though I agree she could have been more sensitive. She was just openly expressing the shock that most parents and would-be parents feel when someone (or a couple) so clearly and decisively expresses his or her lack of desire for children.

That couple did have a lot of patience, especially with the sister. She came off as a mindless ninny and her envy confused me. Envious of their marriage? Wait no, envious that they could have kids but they don't have kids, but they're sterile, so no they can't have kids anyway. WTF?