Friday, April 3, 2009

A Smart Young Woman

Found this video on YouTube and thought it was worth sharing with you all. This is a very articulate and intelligent young childfree woman who at such a young age, is already wise to the bull.


Unknown said...

I found this video a while back, and it's great to see such an intelligent young childfree woman. As for the mother mentioned in the video, she has absolutely no right to tell her daughter weather or not to have children. She can bitch and cry and moan all she wants, but if her daughter decides when she grows up that she really just doesn't want kids then there will be nothing the mother can do about it.

fbritt said...


This was fabulous. As someone who has been working with teenagers for almost 10 years, I was inspired by her. It made me think that we need more young CF spokespeople. I know that many young people may change their minds, but having read tons of CF posts over the years, I have been struck by how many women say they KNEW they were CF at 16, 13, 9 years old even! If more young people heard this at an early age, it would plant the seed early that your life is your CHOICE!

Ozjeppe said...

Wow, she's great, get her on the school debate team - that is the kind of youth that the world needs SO many more of!

Ire said...

I also realised I wouldn't want to have children from an early age, maybe 16 or earlier from what I can recall.
My niece is 8 years old and she said once in front of everybody at the table that she wouldn't want to have children when she gets older because they're annoying, she said she wanted to live alone with a dog. My sisten-in-law became very angry and answered her that she wouldn't have been born if it weren't for her decision to have her. I don't understand why she got so angry only because she doesn't think like her mother. Some people just realise it before others.