Monday, November 3, 2008

Absence Makes Your Heart Grow Fonder

Dear Friends,

I apologize for my absence, but hubby and I have been on vacation for ten days at the most beautiful place in Mexico - a beach cabana with no phone, no t.v., no computer, no electricity - just a beautiful turquoise sea, sand, sun, a soft breeze and a hammock, which is pretty much where I was planted most of the vacation. I didn't think about work, or politics or even what to write about in this blog. There were no aggravating families or children anywhere to be found. I am sure you will forgive my absence when you watch this video which I took during one of my many hammock sessions.

Once I am fully back in the "real world" (so-called), I'll be back with more of my usual rantings.


CFVixen said...

Beautiful! Thanks for posting that. It looks like you had a wonderful, relaxing time. You were definitely missed, though, so get your butt back on here! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Lord. That looked divine! Lucky lady! I hope you both had a wonderful time. :)

firefly said...

Lovely touch, to hold the camera while the hammock swung. I almost felt I was there too!

Did you book at a place for adults only, or is it just that now the school year has started no families can go on vacation?

marin said...

Yes you can!
Congratulation for your new president Obama and welcome back!

Childfreeeee said...

Hi Everyone

Thanks for the welcome back! Firefly, wasn't a place for adults only but it's a place that is close enough to "roughing it" that most people with small kids don't want to go there.

Marin...YES WE CAN (and we did)! :)