Monday, June 23, 2008

Farewell, Funny Friend

In tribute to one of my favorite comedians, George Carlin, who recently passed away, I am posting his funny bit on CHILDREN. I think it will resonate with a lot of you. Enjoy.


CFVixen said...

Awww....that was my all time favorite stand-up of his. I'm sorry to see him go!

firefly said...

I thought this was the one with the bit about 'baby on board' signs, but it isn't. It's from "What Am I Doing in New Jersey?"

"And let's not forget the three most puke-inducing words that man has yet thought of: Baby on board ..."

It's amazing the number of blogs I have bookmarked that have put up tributes to George. I'm beginning to see that great minds enjoy the same type of comedy :-)

Stepher said...

Good gravy he was the best.