Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Driven to Drink

The Today Show did an interesting (and I have to admit somewhat amusing) piece last week about the "dangers of drinking during the daytime". The interesting thing about this piece is that the focus was on MOTHERS drinking during the day and then driving their kids around while under the influence. Apparently this is some kind of growing trend. Does this surprise you? After all, we all know that a nice stiff drink is great for relieving stress and who the hell is more stressed out than MOTHERS? View the spot here.

I take issue with one part of this piece. Notice that Matt Lauer makes a point to say that it's one thing for a man to go out to lunch and have a couple drinks with his coworkers and then drive back to the office, but it's another thing for MOTHERS - who are cheuffering kids around - to drink! Um, so to clarify, Matt, what you are saying is that the lives of the children in the back seat of the drunk mother's car are more valuable than the lives of innocent drivers sharing the road with the drunk office dude? Just another example of the media's contribution our child-centered culture - the "Baby on Board" mentality.

Check out the spot and let me know what you think.

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Stepher said...

I think those morning shows recycle stories on a yearly basis b/c this sounds a lot like one they did last year on mothers who drank alcohol (gasp!) during their children's' playdates. All of the mommy bloggers had their knickers in a twist about the story.

And yes, the lives of the children are so much more important than those who managed to survive childhood. Ahhhhh, the media.