Monday, December 16, 2013

Bitch and Backpedal (Revisited)


Troy said...

That's about how I see it played out for the most part.

HawkMan said...

I'd like to see a poll showing the percent of people who feel having a kid is one of the worst things someone can do with their life. I'd say out of childfree participants, it might be over half.

Temujin said...

I guess I'm just naturally suspicious.

If someone says "it's all worth it!" over and over and over again, then I start to wonder how true it can be. Things that are totally clear, logical, and obvious don't really need to be restated an infinite number of times.

I never have to remind myself that I enjoy pizza. Not even if I get indigestion from pizza do I have to remind myself that I enjoy pizza. I simply don't forget. Pizza is worth the indigestion, so much so that I never have to tell myself that, and I never need other people to remind me of it.

If people have to be reminded and reminded and reminded about a "fact" all the time, then clearly the fact is not obvious to people. In fact, if it's supposed to be a self-evident fact, then it's clearly not a fact at all.

JSB79 said...

Dear Childfree folks,

Parenting can be tough, but if you have a sense of humor about it it's easier to bear.

Stuff you see that entirely focuses on the bad parts of parenting - like getting peed on or or spat up on - are intended to make people laugh. I assure you, there is a lot more to being a parent than pee and spit up.

Anonymous said...

This cartoon NAILED IT! Usually when parents try to pull that BS wool over my eyes I usually squint my eyes in a smart ass manner and reply, "that's nice."