Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday Snarkiness

One of my mom friends posted this on Facebook.

To which I would like to add this sentence:

"Which is why childfree women
don't want to be mothers"


CFVixen said...

And to think that they feel like we're jealous!

IowaSkye said...

Amen to your comment on the photo! I can do the sleep on the couch with my dogs, and they're perfectly fine with that! :)

Stephanie said...

I saw this over the past two weeks and wanted to say the same thing!

Temujin said...

Here's the childfreedom contest question:

What would you put as a picture for "what childfree people think I do"?

I'm thinking a photo of someone who's fallen through the floor of an outhouse.


Carol Lindsey said...

Childfreedom = more "sitting on my behind and doing nothing" time for me = happy :)

CLPhoto said...

childfreedom = selfish, wealthy, always has time to help others because doesn't have a life, and of course, hates all kids! I believe that would sum up what many think, even thought none of it is true.

Glad I found this site.

Unknown said...

I like "What I think I do". As in having paranoid fantasies that they're in a war against the childfree all coming after them for having a baby.

I'm sure it goes along with some sort of dystopian sci-fi conspiracy narrative, like "I dared to have...a child. In a time where it was forbidden by my society. No one other than other parents know how we suffer...for our children. In a world where we're glared at, shamed, martyred. I am the last of my kind."

Yup, it's true parents have a paranoid narrative going on in their heads at all times, that's why they howl when a person without a child speaks to them. So if you don't have a child and have fantasies "they're out to get you" you're mentally ill. If you have a child and believe "they're out to get you", it's cute.

I'll never understand it, if you're protecting another human being, isn't it time to put your action hero fantasies to rest? Ah but it's their child, and their right to play mommy warrior with them if they want to. And childfree people supposedly don't care about kids. More like we don't stand by while a parent is putting their child at risk with their departures from reality into fantasyland.