Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Most Difficult Job on the Planet

Thanks, Alex, for the forward. This is HYSTERICAL!


Rhona said...

Hilarious and so very true. Applaud, applaud, applaud.

Diane said...

I've seen this Bill Burr thing before, and I remember thinking it was funny.

Yeah, mothers also seem to forget that they CHOSE their "hardest job in the world." It's not something they HAD to do to put food on the table or pay bills. Kids are a luxury item (well, for some. For me, that would not be true.)

Dave said...

Really funny! Thanks for posting.

My favorite line was this one: "No time card, no taxes, you're living off the f***ing grid!"

Amy E. Vorro said...

THANK YOU. Hits the nail on the head.

shell said...

Oprah’s guests recently on Oprah’s Next Chapter were a gay couple- Neil Patrick Harris and his "fiance" David Burtka.
I guess they are around 37 or 38 years old.
They have 19 month old twins [ from an egg donor & a surrogate ] . They have a nanny but for the first year David was the stay-at-home father. I thought it
was interesting Oprah asked them if they want more kids and Neil said no and David said he wanted many more that he believes
your family is not "complete" unless the kids outnumber the parents! I was glad Oprah gave him some shit for that she said "oh you gotta get that idea outa your head"
or something to that effect. Then she went on to say they should quit while they are ahead because they got a girl and a boy and the kids are both healthy.
I thought that was good! Oprah also said some things along the lines of being able to
"handle" 2 kids but more than 2, it gets harder to "watch" and "handle" them.
Later on in the interview, it came out that when Neil went back to New York for emmy awards or some type of award show David felt depressed and
alone because he HAD TO STAY HOME WITH THE KIDS! And yet he was the one 10 min earlier in the interview whining how he wanted MORE kids
and the family would not be "complete" until the kids outnumbered the parents! What a contradiction! In their case, since they have the resources to hire help, I have
no idea why the whole family could not have gone to New York - but most people with 2 kids could not do that. One parent
would actually have to stay at home unless they could farm them out to relatives. Anyway I thought it was interesting
that a gay couple - young and bright as they appear - can still be somewhat brainwashed when it comes to having kids!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I have kids and don't want to be childfree but can completely understand why people do. I apologies for all the self obsessed parents who you have to endure and also for the constant judgement and enquiries about when you are going to have kids. Choosing childlessness is not selfish when you look at the horrible things parents do to their kids who they 'love' so much. I sometimes wonder if people want others to have kids so they can understand their pain! It is refreshing to hear a point of view that is not mainstream!

Gumby said...

That is hysterical! Love it!