Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hurray for George!

Hurray for George Clooney! Our childfree celebrity ikon has found himself a devotedly childfree Italian girlfriend.

We wish them the best!

And of course People Magazine is all over this scandalous story. Hot off the presses - breaking news!!! Scandal!!! - A couple chooses NOT to have kids!!!!! Read all about it!!!!


Spectra said...

Wow, I'm so happy for them! On another note about CF celebrities, Rachael Ray had Jennifer Aniston on her show the other day and they were talking about how now that they were in their 40's, people were giving them crap about not having kids yet. I know Rachael Ray is CF because she claims she doesn't have time for kids, but I don't think Jen has ever officially come out and said that she doesn't want kids. I also wonder if the reason George Clooney hasn't gotten married yet is because all the women he's dated have pressured him to have kids.

Childfreeeee said...

What's interesting to me is that celebrities will go as far as to say they don't have time for kids (implying that if they had more time, they'd have kids), but very, very few will come right out and say they don't WANT kids. George Clooney is one of the few who says it outright, although he does sometimes phrase it in a way that is self-deprecating - i.e. he doesn't "have what it takes" like "Angie and Brad".

T said...

Oooooo, scandalous indeed!!!

Hooray for the happy couple, love to see it!

Dogsledder said...

I think the fact that people get all worked up over this is not about the choice someone has made to not have children- it's about the fact that they have received yet another reminder that they had a choice too, but didn't recognize it until it was too late.

marin said...

I'm so happy too!

I worried Elisabetta would have left him because he doesn't want kids.
"[Getting pregnant has] never been an objective for me. My maternal desires are fully satisfied with my dogs."
Will she ever be able to declare it in front of Italian media? Italy has no space between "whores" and "mothers" besides for "nuns".

Good news!

Dave said...

The TV show, "60 Minutes" had a segment a few years ago about how the birthrate in Italy has declined so much in large part due to adult Italian men still living with their parents well into their 30s, for example.

I don't know if this makes them CF but it would surely reduce the availability of men who want to marry. Either way, it would not surprise me to see a women, CF or not, look outside Italy to find a mate. Kudos to Elisabetta and George for finding each other!

Nicole said...

As if I needed another reason to love George happy for them! I love how she equates her dogs as her children! Woman after my own heart!

Hannah said...

What a beautiful couple! I like her even more now that I know she is CF. George Clooney has always been one of my very favorite celebrities, in part because he is CF (and in part because... I mean, look at the man!).

I'm always a bit sad when I "lose" a childfree celeb to the mommy club, though. I took Mariah Carey's (who had been quoted as saying she never wanted kids) pregnancy hard. LOL

SwissBarb said...

I really hope she means it. I'm totally jealous of her :)
They're the most gorgeous couple.

Temujin said...

I'm happy to see so many CF responses to the article online, and appalled (but not fully surprised) by some of the critical comments. More than one contributor suggests that of course this means George Clooney must be one of the following: unable to commit, in the closet, not really looking for a relationship, selfish, or immature.

Or, Elisabetta must be one or more of the following: gold-digging, too young to know any better, unnatural in her love for her dogs, or doomed to be one more ex-girlfriend very soon.

I like to shoot down lame arguments, but I just don't know where to begin here.

Sadie said...

I'm not really a Clooney fan, but give him kudos for his CF choice! This morning I was reminded of a statement I heard years ago. I had taken a job at the south rim of The Grand Canyon, and while on the orientation bus tour, we drove by the school there. Our tour guide, Henry, stated, "I was never so bored as to have children". I've never forgotten it!