Saturday, September 5, 2009

Childfree Lifestyle Must be Catching On

Just a quick note in between blog posts.

The childfree lifestyle must really be catching on. Every time I check sitemeter to see how people are referred to my blog, the majority are google searches for "reasons not to have kids" or similar searches.

Do you find that as interesting as I do?


LGT said...
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Gail said...


I thought you might find this interesting:

many thanks for everything! I love reading your blog


CFVixen said...

I think that's awesome. People are at least giving the decision some critical thought rather than just doing it because "that's what you are supposed to do."

Childfreeeee said...

Gail, Thanks for the link...good read!

Andrea, I agree that the primary problem is that a positive image of childfreedom is completely lacking in our society. There are no childfree role models who are forthcoming about their childfree status. No childfree by choice characters in movies or t.v. unless they are unhappy or neurotic in some way.

The Pint said...

I'm not sure how much the uptick in site traffic has to do with the idea of a childfree lifestyle "catching on" (as in more people choosing to be childfree) as it does with the childfree lifestyle becoming a more socially acceptable topic of discussion and by extension a viable alternative to parenthood. It may be that more people are choosing to be childfree than before, but that probably has a lot to do with the choice to be childfree actually being mentioned and talked about in more accepting, rational and thought-out terms, rather than the knee-jerk "But you HAVE to have kids, everyone does!" response. And that probably is very much due to blogs like these and the very open & honest (sometimes brutally so, but better brutal and honest than sweet but untrue) discussions that take place in response to the blog posts. Not saying that that it's a bad thing that more people are choosing to be childfree, just nitpicking the distinction between more people making that choice vs. more people actually talking about it, as I'm all for people having the ability to gain as much information as possible - both negative & positive - before making the leap into parenthood (or not).

Unknown said...

Till i surfed the Net tonight i had no idea so many people already think on these lines. I dont feel like such a freak anymore. "Childfree" is an endearing term sounding much more positive that "childless". Its all about personal decisions and as individuals its our absolute right to take such a decision. I have chanced upon some interesting articles on the site which visitors may like to explore. Lastly, i wanna thank gail for the article by Liz Jones : )

Unknown said...

I chanced upon this blog while surfing the Net tonight. It makes me feel nice that people are thinking on these lines and that im not a freak to think this way. Also, 'childfree' is quite an endearing and much more positive connotation of this thinking than 'childless'. Utlimately to be 'childfree' is a personal choice and being an individual strong-minded enough to make this choice, one should not bother too much about what the society thinks about us. After all, the society is a 'herd mentality' and anyone who thinks off-the-curve is frowned upon! I would like to refer you to an interesting site which has some interesting articles on the subject. Finally i would like to thank Gail for the link to Liz's article. Cheers!

Corrinne said...

I got here a sort of similar way- I was on a site called The Frisky and a write posted what was supposed to be a funny piece about reasons NOT to have children and someone in the comments linked your "100 Reasons" post.

If you're bored check it out and read some of the comments, there are sooo many outraged mommies lol They missed the point that it was supposed to be funny I guess.

Corrinne said...

Oh, disregard that last comment lol. Maybe I should read from oldest to newest, not the other way around =) You yourself were probably the one that linked it haaaa. I'm a dumbass =)